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MyHabits... what is it?

i) is 100% free on-line application for self - development! Confidential, only for you! Read more

ii) Easy to access and use as internet is easy to access and use.
iii) Confirmed by 450 years old practice.

Start immediately!

Most of us are masters in postponing. The so-called STUDENT’S SYNDROME works here. Read more

St.  Ignatius Loyola

To compare the second day with the first ... and see if he has amended himself from one day to the other.

To compare one week with another and see if he has amended himself in the present week over the week past.

The Spiritual Exercises,
St. Ignatius of Loyola, 1548 year

MyHabits and Two Methods

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St. Ignatius Loyola in the book “Spiritual exercises” described a method for christians growth and called it “General examen of conscience” and a method for personal development and called it a “Particular Examen”.

MyHabits combines St. Ignatius advices and help (as web application) to develope and keep good habits but also provides a short guide to conduct daily General Examen.

How to develope needed habits?

St. Ignatius of Loyola was also a master of self-development and wrote the above notice more than 450 years ago. Contemporary writers say similarly that in order of getting your goals it is good to follow 3 rules.

i) Put down your goals and habits which you want to get. WRITING DOWN THE AIMS IS THE BEST WAY to start the activities to complete them.
ii) Measure your habits. YOU GET WHAT YOU MEASURE, you will never get what you do not measure and estimate.
iii) Get support from someone you know. Read more

What is General Examen?

General Examen of Conscience is a personal daily pray for seeking and finding God our Lord in all things. General Examen according to St. Ignatius Loyola consist of 5 elements which all together make entire pray and as you see are not settling ourselves. Many call General Examen of Conscience as Daily Examen of Conscience or as a Quarter of the Sincerity. Short guide and comments to Daily Examen of Conscience you will find on the tab Examen. Go to Examen

What is a habit?

All routine activities, we do everyday are for sure habits. Thanks to that as we act as usual we do not need to think in the morning how brush teeth, make coffee or zip jeans. Some habits we consciously implemented. For example your goal is to have healthy and flexible backs and tendons, so your habit is to stretch every morning. Read more

Are your habits as you want to have?

Do you know what habits will help you to achieve your goals? Everyone is unique and has own way of learning and making changes by is based on 3 rules which are so simple, universal and practical that we believe that despite we differ they will help you get good habits.

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